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Forschungskolloquium Köln-Bonn 30.05.2011

 Liebe Phonetiker und andere Sprachwissenschaftler, 

im Köln-Bonner Forschungskolloquium hält am Montag, 30.5., von 14:00 bis 
15:30, im Seminarraum des IfL Phonetik Köln (Herbert-Lewin-Str.6) 

Bodo WINTER (University of California, Merced, Dept. of Cognitive and Information Sciences;
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Dept. of Linguistics)

einen Vortrag zum Thema 

Incomplete Neutralization and the Nature of Final Devoicing in

(Der Vortrag wird voraussichtlich auf Englisch gehalten.)


“Incomplete neutralization” refers to the controversial idea that the German syllable-final voicing contrast is in fact not completely neutralized. From this perspective, words such as Rat and Rad are thought to exhibit slight articulatory or acoustic differences. However, studies that support the existence of this phenomenon were criticized on methodological grounds and many researchers believe incomplete neutralization to be an experimental artifact. In this talk, I will present a production and a perception study (in collaboration with Timo Röttger and Sven Grawunder) that attempt to address previous ethodological concerns. Based on the results from these two studies, I will argue that incomplete neutralization is real, and that its phonological implications need to be taken seriously. In terms of explaining the phenomenon, our results suggest that the driving factor behind incomplete neutralization effects might not be the voicing status of the underlying phoneme but cognitive associations between a word such as Rat and its non-neutralized morphological neighbors in the mental lexicon (e.g. des Rates, die Räte).

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